Job One: Glen (with Richard Arsenault) at ground zero, a basement reno on Wicksteed Avenue in TMR in 2003.

2003 photo

The Thinking Person’s Renovator:

I’m like my clients in many ways: university-educated, 25 years a professional and business manager, home-owner, father of two boys.

Unlike most of my clients, I am manual and a design professional; for years my weekends were filled with home renovations.

At one point, I managed product development for a manufacturer of baths and showers, providing occasional advice to contractors on particularly challenging installations. I enjoyed our rapport and decided renovation was something I wanted to do not only on weekends.

It made sense that both my education (engineering and industrial design) and career experience (project management) would bring a higher level of professionalism to my renovations with better planning and design.

That was in 2003. My experience has proven there will always be a discriminating clientele looking for renovation on a higher plane.

My renovations build on a sensitivity to your concerns, in part because they are my own. My own house needs renovation.

Glen Williams Town of Mount Royal 2016

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