You know you should do something about that bathroom.

Right now it’s just one more thing on your mind.

To put it in its proper perspective,

Step back, take stock and

Inform yourself –



Let the following blogs serve as your entree into the world of home renovations. Knowing a bit about them will help you plan your own.

A good place to start is a frank discussion of what they cost.

The first two blogs introduce two small bathroom projects; the third blog provides analysis to show how their different treatments have influenced the cost of their renovation.

The bathrooms share the same footprint and functional requirements but represent the lower and higher ends of the renovation price spectrum.

My name is Glen Williams and over the course of two decades I have traversed the island of Montreal executing every kind of renovation and light construction project, both interior and exterior.

Prior to that I was an industrial designer and project manager, including four years managing engineering and product development for a supplier of housewares to Home Depot.

It was my segue into the world of home renovations.

The bathroom renovations on the following pages, twenty years apart, bookend my career as a renovator.

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